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The most evil cast of all time is coming to Disney Channel July 31st, 2015. Descendants features the offspring of some of the most iconic Disney villains including Maleficent, The Evil Queen, Cruella De Vil and Jafar. These infamous Disney villains have all been imprisoned on the Isle of the Lost, but their children are given a special opportunity to attend school with the children of the Disney heroes. The question is, will the evil offspring attempt to be good, or will being evil flow through their veins like those of their parents?

Descendants continues the story from the book The Isle of the Lost. Grab a preview of the book and learn more on my blog here: Disney Descendants The Isle Of The Lost



To help all us fans celebrate the release of Descendants, here are several free Descendants Printables, Activities and Party Supplies from SKGaleana,, and Paper Dolls By Cory!
They feature:

  • Coloring Pages,
  • Pencil Toppers,
  • Lunch Notes,
  • Class Schedule note book,
  • Maleficent Paper doll,
  • Evie Paper Doll,
  • Treat Toppers,
  • Wordsearch,
  • Dots Game,
  • Spot the Difference,
  • Place Cards
  • Recipes
    • Evie’s Apple Dippers
    • Mal’s Love Spell Cookies
    • Carlos’ Chocolate Yogurt ‘Pups’
    • Jay’s Seasoned Fries
  • Menu Cards for each recipe
  • Maze,
  • matching Game,
  • Invites,
  • Cup Wraps
  • And More

    To download these free printables click the images below and save the PDFs to your computer. Then simply print and create for the best Descendants this side of Happily Ever After. All of these printables were found on Visit their site to learn more about the characters, check out the Descendants Featured Gallery, or play Descendants – Isle of the Lost Rush video game. There is fun for the whole family!

    Coloring Page 1
    Coloring Page 2
    Coloring Page 3
    Lunch notes
    Pencil Topper
    Class Schedule
    Maleficent Paper Dolls
    Evie Paper Doll
    Carlos’ Chocolate Yogurt ‘Pups’ Recipe
    Jay’s Seasoned Fries Recipe
    Evie’s Apple Dippers Recipe
    Mal’s Love Spell Cookies Recipe
    Descendants Treat Toppers
    Descendants Tourney Time
    Spot the Difference
    Descendants Recipe Cards
    Place Cards
    My Family Tree
    Descendants Bookmarks
    Isle of the Lost
    Descendants on DVD

    Menu Cards 1
    Menu Cards 2
    Mal’s Icon
    Jay’s Icon
    Carlos’s Icon
    Evie’s Icon
    Make your own Chain
    Magical Maze
    Magical Matching Game
    Folding Invite
    Dots game
    Cup wraps
    Magic Mirror
    Coloring Pages
    Party Package
    Activity Sheets
    Magical Story

    To purchase the book or DVD, head to


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      These are amazing links but can you tell me where are the recipes?

      Thank you!

      1. The recipes are actually on the recipe cards

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