Free Lego Buzz Lightyear Printable Coloring Page

Toy Story - Buzz

Toy Story – Lego Buzz Lightyear

A member of the Intergalactic Alliance and stationed in the Gamma Quadrant of Sector 4, Buzz Lightyear’s main mission is to defend the galaxy by defeating the evil Emperor Zurg…Or at least that is what he used to think. After his encounter with Woody and his pals in Toy Story, Buzz now knows he is just a toy, and as such, he works hard to keep his family together and the Kids happy.



To commemorate Buzz Lightyear, LEGO has created an awesome minifigure depicting Buzz in his space suit, complete with wings and space helmet. The building fun of LEGO and the coolness of Disney/Pixar have been combined into one galactic miniature toy! He is so out of this world, you almost hear him saying, “To Infinity and Beyond!”

In honor of Buzz Lightyear becoming a LEGO Minifigure, I have created a Lego Minifigure Buzz Lightyear coloring page! Simply download, print, and color for Lots of Lego Fun!

Best part is this coloring page is free! However, if you like it and download it, please consider donating.

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How to get the Buzz Lightyear Coloring Page:

  • Click the image below
  • Save the PDF to your computer
  • Print and color

Lego Buzz Lightyear Coloring Page by SKGaleana download image