Free Printable Moana Activities and Crafts

If you haven’t already seen the movie Moana, I do suggest it. It has wonderful music and a great story. Not to mention…I love Hei Hei. I think he may be my new favorite Disney Character (other than all things Star Wars). That chicken is so weird and it really does well as the plucky comic relief.


Also, when you watch Moana, see if you can find Sven from Frozen. Oh yes, he is in there! I laughed so hard when he appeared on screen. It took everything I had to not jump up and say “Oh hey it’s Sven”.



In anticipation of Moana coming to theaters, Disney has released several printables featuring Moana, Maui, Hei Hei, and Pua. From Coloring Pages to a cool Hexaflexagon, all the printables featured below are free to download, simply click on the image and save the PDF to your computer. Then print and create for tons of Moana fun including the opportunity to create your own Kakamora.

Pua & Hei Hei coloring Page
Muana Coloring Page
Group Coloring Page
Maui Coloring Page
Maui and Moana Coloring Page
Maui and Moana Coloring Page
Water Safety Tips
Matching Game
Connect The Dots
Make your own Kakamora
Design your own Kakamora
Moana printable Paper Doll
More Moana Printables and Party Supplies