Printable 3D Ornaments From Dreamworks Animation!

To help fans celebrate the holidays with some of our favorite Netflix shows, Dreamworks has created these awesome free templates to make 3D Christmas Tree Ornaments. Actually, I am fairly certain that these ornaments can be displayed anywhere at anytime! Geekery is not limited to the holidays and should be displayed to show off our fabdom love. To start the crafting process, simply click the image below to download the craft instructions and printable templates. Then print and create to decorate for the Holidays or any time of year.



There are four different 3D ornaments that you and your family can create! I absolutely love the ones from Dragons: Race to the Edge and Voltron.

Dragons: Race to the Edge (my favorite)
Create a Scale Armor Ornament out of a 3 inch Styrofoam ball, , string, cardstock, a one inch hole punch, and a hot glue gun

  1. Print 1 copy of each texture on cardstock
  2. Punch out 70 circles from each page
  3. Glue String to the ball
  4. Glue circles to ball in layers to make it look like scales
  5. Display and enjoy

More instructions are in the Craft PDF

DinoTrux Wrecking Ball Ornament
With just a few pieces of printed paper, some string and a little tape, these wrecking balls interlock to take shape.

  1. Print out each of the sheets front and back, matching the color of the ornament shapes
  2. Cut out each shape and also along the dotted line of each tab
  3. Take one shape from each color and punch a tine hole in the center of it
  4. Cut three 8 inch segments of string and make a loop. Thread both ends through the hole and tape the ends down to the back side of the paper piece
  5. Slide the slits of the tabs into one another to create the ball shape. Keep going until all sides have been used. There are 12 pieces per ornament
  6. Display and Enjoy

Voltron Shield Ornaments (Another of my Favorites)
By gluing colorful pieces of paper together, everyone in the family can create their own Lion shield ornament to display on the tree.

  1. Print Template page on cardstock and cut out each piece along the dashed lines.
  2. Trace the template pieces onto special cardstock colors.
  3. Use black glitter cardstock for piece A
  4. Use silver foil cardstock for piece B and C
  5. Use your favorite lion color for piece D
  6. Cut out all template pieces.
  7. Glue Piece B on top of Piece A
  8. Glue piece C on top of piece B
  9. Glue piece D on the top of piece C
  10. Tie a string into a loop and apply hot glue to the cebter back of piece A and glue the loop onto the piece
  11. Repeat for each color of the lions (black, red, green, yellow and Blue)

TrollHunter Crystal Ornaments
Gathering crystals has never been easier now that we can make these crystal ornaments to hang on the tree. All you need is some color paper, a glue stick, thread and needle, and scissors.

  1. Print the templates on the color paper of your choice
  2. Cut out along the dotted lines
  3. score along the solid blue lines
  4. Puncture a very small hole in the red dot and sew both ends of the thread through the hole. Tape to the underside of the crystal
  5. Glue tabs to corresponding side to form the crystal.
  6. Display and enjoy

There are more instructions as well as helpful images in each file to help each person make these fun 3D ornaments. I know my family will be making the Scale Armor ornaments! They work for Dragons: Race to the Edge but also for many Fantasy shows such as Game of Thrones. The crystals can even be re-purposed in to Troll crystals from Frozen (shhhh, I didn’t say that).

Click the image below to download all four PDFs and begin the crafting holiday adventure! Be sure to also catch all the shows on Netlix this holiday, especially since Voltron continues it’s epic story in January.