Free Slugterra Forgesmelter Printable Coloring Page and Wallpaper!

Forgesmelters are teal and burgundy with what looks like hot spots on their back. They are extremely rare to come by. If you want to find one you must enter the Magma Cavern. Pronto will tell you it is tough to navigate and your time is limited to 1 hour. But with Pronto’s help, you can find your way through anything.

Forgesmelters are also the only slugs to melt smolten as seen in the episode “Inheritance” where Eli needs one to melt the smolten off of Will Shane’s treasure chest.

Check out the specs below for more details on the Forgesmelter and it’s attacks.

Answer 22 Forgesmelter SKGaleana



Forgesmelter specs from
Forgesmelter: Species #030
A Famous Slug of this species: Torch
Preferred Habitat: Inside volcanoes and deep in mine shafts
Power Type: Forge Slug
Element: Fire
Rarity: Extremely Rare
Protoform Abilities: Can create a lot of heat for it’s small size, a tiny blast furnace
Attacks: 4

    Metarupt: Lands and creates a small eruption of molten metal
    Forgestrike: Can spit molten metal
    Blastrap: Can solder together two pieces of steel, sealing doors, or melting a previous seal
    Sealsmith: Creates a seal over a box or object, unbreakable except via another hit from the forgesmelter

Forgesmelter transformation:

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Forgesmelter coloring page by SKGaleana

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