Fun Free Printable Football Activities!

Football games bring out the kid in many of us. Tantrums, Screaming, hollering, boogie dances, throwing of food, and so much more make all us football watchers seem more like toddlers than adults. And do you know what? It is perfectly acceptable this one day a year. Who Knew right! Of course it gets even worse when your team plays in the big super bowl game! (Go Hawks!)

While we are all clawing at the tv screen tomorrow, don’t forget the real kids in the house. If watching us watch football hasn’t deterred them from the game yet, they deserve their very own party! Disney has a few things that are sure to help them enjoy the game, and help us “adults” find a more constructive avenue for our excitement.

The following printables are free to download! All we have to do is print these and create them. To download these Football printables click the images below. A new window will pop up where you can save the pdf. All of these printables were found on They have several printables so be sure to check them out!

The Tabletop Football game will be fun for the whole family. I plan on having our very own Super bowl (before the game starts). It should be an awesome game with the whole set up and it even includes instructions on how to create the pigskin! Getting the whole family involved is key to everyone having a great time!
Tabletop football game

There is also A Field Goal Kick game, or better known as pin the football between the goal posts (Pin the tail on the donkey). The Person closest to the center between the goal posts wins. This is another great game for the whole family and another avenue to release some of the excitement or anxiety one may be feeling on this colossal day. Simply print the pieces of the goal posts and arrange them on large poster paper, hang it up on the wall and begin the fun.
Wall Foot Ball Game

If a quieter activity is key, A football coloring page is also available. I plan to use this as a game as well. The person with the best coloring page will win a prize. This will force them to quietly and calmly color, focusing all the energy elsewhere.
mickey coloring page football

Have fun and…

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