Fun Shark Week 2023 Printables and Activities!

Starting July 23, 2023, Shark Week will be taking a bite out of the world. This Jaw-some week will feature amazing shark stories, facts about sharks, beautiful photos, and more! To top off the amazing week long event, the host of this years Shark Week will be none other than Aquaman himself, Jason Momoa! If you haven’t seen his fun little trailer with him orchestrating a fin-tastic party, you should. I have included the video below.

After watching the trailer, be sure to check out the Discovery Channel Shark Week website. Their website provides epic information for all things Shark Week including a schedule of events, podcasts, and a shark feed. It is easy to navigate and explore. The only problem is, at this moment (7-8-2023), there is only a look at the past; all the new stuff has not yet been announced. However, it will soon. Click the image below to swim over to Discovery’s Shark Week website and explore.

To celebrate Shark Week, we have our yearly Shark Week inspired printables! This year the printable cupcake wrappers and printable cupcake toppers feature Jason Momoa and his wonderful smile! We have also made a fun little coloring page for fans to print and color! To get the printables click the image below and save the PDF to your computer. Then simply print and create!

NOTE: you will need some jaw-some cupcakes. A recipe can be found here.

More fun Shark Week printables, crafts, and activities can be found on my blog.

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