Slugterra MakoBreaker Printable Coloring Page and Wallpaper!

MakoBreaker Slug from SlugTerra!
This Cute Little Shark Slug looks adorable, but when shot from a Torpedo Shell, it turns into a Crazy Slug Destroying Creature. It has the ability to spit its teeth like bullets, crush objects with its jaws and bash items or enemies with his head and tail. If you don’t know how to battle in water, I hope you never come across one of these. Good thing it never ended up in a Sharknado!

Answer 10 MakoBreaker SKGaleana



As far as looks go, he is one of the more unique looking slugs with a dorsal fin on his back. He is brown with black lines and has what appear to be gills. He may be cute while in protoform but this slug can be a nasty piece of work. Check out his specs below for more details.

MakoBreaker specs from
Geoshard: Species #035
A Famous Slug of this species: Name Unknown but one is owned by Malvolio and Brutale Drake
Preferred Habitat: Cavern seas
Power Type: Shark Slug
Element: Water
Rarity: Uncommon
Protoform Abilities: Strong swimmer
Attacks: 3

    Bruteeth: Uses giant shark like mouth to chomp through things
    Razorstorm: Shoots a storm of sharp shark teeth
    Finsmash: Bashes with its powerful tail and head

Makobreaker transformation:

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