Grow Your Own Celery From a Store Bought Stalk

As a City Girl who has just recently moved to the sticks, I have been learning a lot about living off the land and making items by hand. I think the most drastic change in my life is probably my take in gardening. I used to purchased what I needed from a store, tossed what I didn’t use or need, and went on with life. However, with this complete 180 degree turn, I am learning all about what I have sadly tossed in the past.

I have always bought organic foods. It is important to feed my family healthy foods but did you know organic foods have another use?. What we normally throw away can actually be reused. I am not talking about compost, which is also a great idea, I am talking about organic vegetables actually growing from what we find useless. Still confused? Let me put it this way…Did you know that Organic Celery is this magical plant that can keep reproducing ribs of celery to constantly feed your family or yourself? It is almost like it has an endless supply of celery from one base of the stalk. And to think all these years I have been throwing away the bottom thinking it is useless.

Grow your own celery plant

I figured out that celery actually regrows by accident. I noticed little leaves coming out of my celery base that I kept in the refrigerator. I leave the ribs on it and harvest as I need them. Turns out, little leaves were starting to pop up from the base. Curious, I did what any person with internet would so, I researched this phenomenon. To my surprise I found out that organic celery regrows and is pretty simple to handle and care for. Who Knew, right?

So with some major research behind my belt, I began the task of attempting to grow celery from my stalk. (Be ready, if you do this, everyone in your family is going to want to get involved. It is almost magical watching the plant nearly sprout overnight. And I can guarantee the children and adults will be in awe every morning they wake up to find the plant larger than before.)

What we need to grow celery:

    The End of an organic Celery stalk
    Celery Cut here
    A bowl

Step 1: Place the Bottom of the stalk in the bowl

Step 2: Fill the bowl with water until it reaches halfway up the stalk.
celery in a bowl

Step 3: Leave it in the window where it will get a lot of sun light. Over night there will be a transformation as the plant sprouts cute little leaves and begins growing. There was so much excitement every morning in my house as we watched the celery grow.
Celery bottom

Step 4: Every other day or so, refresh the water with new water. Celery is a very hungry plant and will want new water. As it is loved and receives the sunlight, it grows very fast sprouting mores leaves and even growing up forming ribs of the stalk.

This is a before and after picture of what the celery looks like as it grows. On the left is a stalk that has been in the water for about 2-3 weeks. on the right is a stalk that was just introduced to the water.
Growing your own Celery

Step 5: After 3 or 4 weeks, the celery is going to need a more substantial place to live and will need to be placed in a pot or in the soil outside. Right now my plant is in a pot. I live pretty far north and didn’t want to kill my plant since we are still seeing freezing temperatures at night. However, when the weather gets warmer, I will be planting it in the garden.

Celery in a pot

It is pretty easy to plant the celery. Simply get some soil and a pot (really, any container that can drain is perfect. I have seen people plant these in coffee cans after they drilled holes in the bottom of the can). Fill the pot with soil 2/3 of the way up. Place the celery in the center of the pot and cover the stalk with soil. Leave the new ribs and leaves sticking out of the dirt. Water it when the soil feels dry to keep the celery thriving. Like I have said before, Celery is a hungry plant and loves water.

My family now has 3 of these growing. Every celery stalk we buy will be planted. Eventually we will have enough celery growing to supply the family and we won’t have to buy it anymore. The best part is, these are amazing to watch as they grow. They take very little work and give back in abundance. Now I am on the look out to see if any other vegetables or fruits that I buy and toss will regrow. Let the search begin.

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