Harry Potter Crochet Blanket Pattern by SKGaleana

I have created some fun Crochet Blankets in the last couple years. My Star Wars Blanket is adorable and the Video game blanket is epic. However, this Harry Potter blanket may take the win with it’s unique interacting Mandrake square.

When I was making this blanket I wanted to make something unique, maybe a little magical. The blanket is inspired by Harry Potter after all. So I asked some of my fellow geeks what would be something cool this blanket could do. Apparently, everyone wants to pull a mandrake from a pot (like a rabbit from a hat). So off I went to make a pattern that would allow this sort of interaction…And I Achieved SUCCESS! Yes you read that correctly, this blanket allows the user to pull a Mandrake out of the pot and see it’s screaming face.

That pattern to make the screaming Mandrake is a little difficult and requires the knowledge of increasing and decreasing stitches in a crochet shape. It also requires the knowledge of sc, hdc, dc, and tr stitches. It takes a little time, but once it is done, the square is a magical piece of art.

The pattern also includes some of the awesome moments and symbols from Harry Potter that we all enjoy, such as the Sorting hat, Knight Bus, and the Hogwartz emblem. The blanket is an adventure to make and to snuggle up in, but after every adventure we must remember to say, “Mischief Managed.”

If you want to make this magical blanket, then buy the pattern from my store and go forth and create your little piece of comfort.

Crochet Blanket Pattern Inspired by Harry Potter

Crochet Blanket Pattern Inspired by Harry Potter


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The square Patterns included in this pattern are:


  • Harry Potter Initials,
  • Sorting Hat,
  • Knight Bus,
  • Leviosa,
  • Hogwartz Emblem,
  • Hermione,
  • Time Turner,
  • Mandrake,
  • Platform 9 ¾,
  • Patronum,
  • Deathly Hallows Symbol,
  • and Mischief Managed


This pattern also features:


  • Tips,
  • Special abbreviations,
  • and instructions on the Braid Stitch.


You’ll need to know:


  • single (sc), double (dc), treble crochet (tr), and Half double crochet (hdc)
  • How to decrease and increase stitches
  • Slip Stitch
  • chain
  • how to change colors multiple times in a row
    (This is a must!)
  • Braid stitch (instructions included)

The sample image shows what the pattern will look like when you download it. Each enclosed bracket (<>) means a color change, so there are several changes per row.



    • Sabrina VanderStaay on 03/30/2020 at 10:49

    Hello I bought the harry potter blanket pattern and I wanted to know if the pattern was backwards on the initials? Please help

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