iSeek Will Be Releasing Fun Interactive Books The Whole Family Can Enjoy

“Expanding Imaginations Removes Limitations” that is the statement my blog makes. I like to encourage my family, friends, and readers to be creative, which helps many of them realize that they can go as far as they want with a little imagination and effort. So when I received a request to review several books that emulate SKGaleana’s statement, I jumped at the chance.



The award-winning publisher, Insight Editions, recently contacted me with a request to review several of their new iSeek interactive books that encourage multi-sensory learning and creativity. From painting to paper crafts, all of their new books feature innovative ways to keep the fun going at home or on the go. I selected five books I knew my family would enjoy and those that would encourage the imagination from Insight Editions long list. Let me just say, it was a hard choice. All of the new iSeek books convey SKGaleana’s statement and it makes me so happy to see such creativity being released into the world!

The list of new iSeek books being released this Spring are below and they include Amazon affiliate links so that you can go and purchase the ones you like.

The five books I chose were Cut & Color Masks: Unicorns; Color, Cut, and Fold: Ocean Animals; Design and Draw 50 Cat Outfits; Fingerprint Fairies; and Magical Water Painting: Under the Sea. I thought this list allowed for the greatest diversity and of course fun. Each of the reviews you will find below are 100% my own opinion.

Cut & Color Masks: Unicorns

This spiral-bound book comes with 10 pages of unicorn masks in different styles. Some wear glasses, have different hair styles, and even wear different hats. Each mask is mostly a blank slate for kids (or adults) to color and create their own style. There are a few colors already placed in the mask to help facilitate the imagination.

However, artists don’t have to follow the pre-printed color guidelines. Sometimes one just has to take a crayon to the page and let it all out in a color explosion. Who said one has to color within the lines anyway?

Once the unicorn is colored, it must be cut out. I suggest that the supervising adult complete this task. This paper is thicker than normal paper and it will require a more substantial pair of scissors than the safety scissors. I did the cutting for this project due to the thick paper and sharper scissors.

Once the unicorn mask is cut out, we tied some strings through the already punctured holes. I am so happy they included holes for the strings, I didn’t have to dig through my house to try and find a hole puncher. It made my job so much easier.

Of course, everything is tried on baby Yoda (Grogu). He is the master of crafting in our house and looks good in everything he wears. At least, we haven’t found something he looks terrible in. We call him Baby Yodacorn.

A note on the paper: while it is thicker than normal paper, a slight tug will cause the mask to rip where the strings are tied. In our efforts to get the mask on Baby Yoda, we had a mishap and had to slide the string through the eye hole. For the other masks, I will be adding a piece of scotch tape to the sides to give the paper greater strength, especially since I know these masks will be removed, refitted, stretched, and put to the test.

With Baby Yodacorn fitted to join his new team of unicorns, we will now start the choosing, coloring, and wearing of other fun unicorn masks. What I find delightful is that there are 10 masks, which means there is another few days of unicorn fun to inspire imaginative play.

Color, Cut, and Fold: Ocean Animals

Having an affinity for paper crafts, I have to admit Color, Cut, and Fold: Ocean Animals is probably my favorite book of the five I picked. There are so many steps and so much kinetic learning when it comes to paper crafts. And when one thinks about it, almost anything can be made from paper.

Color, Cut, and Fold: Ocean Animals is a more simplified form of paper crafting, I would call it an introduction to the paper crafting world.. Kids will love all the activities and play that comes with crafting the paper crafts. But trust me when I say, it is just as fun for the adults in the room.

Basically, this book features several pages of different ocean animals, from turtles to octopi. Each animal has portions where the crafter can color by either following the prompts or making their own design. The animal is then cut out, glued, and displayed. For this project we decided on the fish. The supplies needed were crayons, glue, and scissors.

First, we colored the fish till we were happy with the crazy wave-striped design. Second, I cut out the fish along the dotted line (all cutting should be done by an adult).

Third, we dipped the cotton swab into the glue and layered the glue where the instructions indicated. We then attached the two sides to make the fish pop up and waited for everything to dry. Once everything was set, we displayed the fish (for a short time) on the fridge. After that, the fish became a toy for amazing underwater adventures.

With this being my favorite crafting book, I give this the highest marks and, if I could, I would give it more than 5 stars. The coloring, cutting, gluing, displaying, and playing is nearly an all day event. And let’s face it, I enjoy the crafts as well.

Design and Draw 50 Cat Outfits

Cat fanatics and clothing designers will love Design and Draw 50 Cat Outfits. As the book says, we can “create [our] own purr-fectly adorable sketchbook!”

The craft book has 50 images of cats that need an outfit designed by a wonderful artist. Just by opening the book, artists can dive into a world of fashion designers, come up with amazing, outfits, and keep their ideas like a portfolio. Whether the artist is serious or just looking to play the pish posh rich designer with a world famous boutique, this book will assist in sparking the imagination.

While I love the ingenuity and creativity this book inspires, there is one small teeny tiny flaw. The pages are not easily removed. Unfortunately, if an artist wishes to gift their lovely design to someone who will admire their creation, the removal of a page leads to rips and tears. Everything else about this book is fun, imaginative, and very cat-tastic.

Fingerprint Fairies

When my family and I sat down to enjoy the book Fingerprint Fairies, I was ready for a mess. Ink and kids are usually two words you never want to hear in the same sentence. Turns out the book comes with washable ink. I love innovative inventions such as washable markers, paint, and ink from ink pads; it makes clean up so much easier.

Fingerprint Fairies is one of the few books I received that actually contains a story and depicts scenes for our fingerprint creations. While flying, riding bugs, or riding animals, the fingerprint fairies are a fun way for kids to discover the world around them.

Magical Water Painting: Under the Sea

I remember as a child, having a book very similar to something like the Magical Water Painting: Under the Sea. I used to dip a paintbrush in water and paint a page. Once the water touched the page, the magic began as colors shined under the water’s glaze. It is really neat to see something similar to what I had as a child.

However, unlike my childhood paintbrush, Magical Water Painting: Under the Sea comes with a paintbrush tube. All I have to do is fill the tube with water and let the art begin. The tube allows the water to gradually fall onto the brush making the reality of water spills almost non-existent; simply make a slight squeeze and paint the book.

The funny thing is, this is the most soothing activity. Watching the colors magically appear as one slowly takes their brush across the page seems to almost calm and relax the crafter. Because this book is reusable, I am sure no one will know that I will be coloring many of the pages with the awesome paintbrush.

The magical aspect of this book would have been enough for me to give it 5 stars, however, Magical Water Painting: Under the Sea goes above and beyond the call of duty. Within each magical scene there are also fun tasks to complete on the side and fun facts to read about the animals we are painting…I mean the kids are painting. For example, some of the fun activities are,

  • find the penguins,
  • count the birds,
  • ask what color is a specific animal

These five books that I received are absolutely amazing in inspiring creativity and the imagination of all who use and play with them. If the other iSeek books even remotely resemble the quality of the five I requested, than this group of books from iSeek will certainly bring adventurous fun to any household that receives a copy. When it comes to expanding imaginations, iSeek has hit the ball out of the park. I give the entire collection 5 stars and can’t wait to add the other books to our collection.

Disclosure: SKGaleana receives products in order to conduct reviews. Unless noted otherwise, no monetary compensation was provided. I only share and recommend products or services I think will be a good fit for my readers. All the opinions are 100% my own. In exchange for referrals, some posts may contain affiliate links that I may receive commission for payment. (See more here)