Printable Activities Featuring Disney’s Raya and the Last Dragon

Tomorrow, March 5th, 2021, Raya and the Last Dragon will premier on Disney+ and in theaters! Like Mulan, fans will have to pay for Premier Access in order to watch the movie on Disney+. Once purchased, you can watch the film as many times as you want whenever you want. Those who don’t purchase Premier Access will have to wait until the film is released from Premier status. Either way, fans will eventually get to see the epic tale of Raya and her adventure to find the last dragon.



Raya and the Last Dragon is about a fantasy world called Kumandra where humans and dragons lived together. But this fantasful life was only temporary as an evil rose in the land. To save the world, the Dragons sacrificed themselves.

Travel to the future 500 years later and humanity is once again in danger. Only this time, there are no dragons to save the day…or are there? The movie is called “The Last Dragon” after all. Realizing there is one last dragon, a warrior named Raya sets out on a journey to find it so that she can convince the last dragon to save the world.

In anticipation of the release of Raya and the Last Dragon coming to Disney+ and theaters, Disney released an awesome Activity Packet with several activity pages and stories. Fans can make their own characters, write stories, learn about the characters in the movie, and so much more. In fact, each page features an activity. The activities are:

  • About the Movie
  • Seek the Light – character introductions
  • Journey through the Kingdom – Discover the colors of nature
  • Warrior Tales – Mad Libs or fill in the blank with the words provided
  • Made for Water – Draw what you think rain helps bring to life
  • Create your fantasy costume – draw and plan your own fantasy character and costume
  • Stronger together – fill out information about your own personal friendships
  • Raya and the Last Dragon Poster

To get the printables go to the official Raya and the Last Dragon Website or click the image below. Save the PDF to your computer and then simply print and create.