Little Bridges Encourages Intergenerational Bonds With Their New Grandma & Me Activity Kit

I was recently introduced to a wonderfully new company called Little Bridges and their unique box kits. Unlike most theme boxes that we get in the mail, Little Bridges shares exactly what is in each box and there is no subscription required! Simply find the box you desire and purchase it with a one time fee knowing that everything inside is exactly as described. Each Little Bridges box contains activities and items that are designed to help initiate family conversations and develop close relationships with family members.



At this moment, they have released their first box called “Grandma and Me: In the Kitchen.” I received this Little Bridges box and I can’t wait to tell you what I found. Keep reading for the review!

When I received the kit in the mail and removed it from the shipping box, I was pleasantly surprised. You know how they say you eat with your eyes? If a meal doesn’t look appetizing, more than likely people will not try it. Little Bridges understands this idea. They made the outside of the box fun and colorful to the eye, which made me and my family excited to rip it open and play with whatever was inside. (Please don’t eat the box. This is just a comparison LOL)

Inside the box, the colors and fun decorations continue. The box itself has a wallpaper type of décor featuring baking supples and ingredients (see image at the top of the blog post). The activities and books are wrapped in a red sheet of tissue paper. The “Grandma and Me: In the Kitchen” box includes

  • Easy-to-follow instructions
  • A read-aloud storybook
  • A keepsake potholder for Grandma
  • A keepsake apron for Grandchild
  • Fabric paint for personalization
  • One-of-a-kind Activity Recipe Journal with conversation cards, journal prompts, and recipe pages

The read-aloud storybook is a hardcover book titled, “What if You Were a Chef At The Zoo?” It features a grandma and her grandkids cooking in the kitchen. However, the kids often make a mess. The grandma proceeds to tell the kids a story about what a chef has to make or do to feed the animals at the zoo. The whole story is a fun rhyme with great artwork.

“A journey to the zoo: From a picky koala to a curious gorilla, laugh and learn together about zoo animal eating habits. Spending time with grandma should always be this fun.”

At the end of the book there is a cute “Grandma’s Secret Sauce” recipe where it gives grandma and the grandkids a chance to hear more real-life stories frim grandma. This keepsake book can become a family tradition to encourage intergenerational story telling.

The pot holder for grandma and the apron for the grandkid is a perfect keepsake to remember their time together. These items can be personalized and they can be reused for another fun afternoon of Love, Laughter, and Legacy. while baking. The “Grandma and Me: In the Kitchen” box comes with fabric paint to make a fun design on the pot holder. The apron has a white heart to draw on with a marker.

The final item in the box is an exclusive one-of-a-kind Activity Recipe Journal with conversation cards, journal prompts, and recipe pages. The book is also hardcover with a spiral bind to make it easy to use in the kitchen. The décor featuring kitchen supplies and ingredients from the inside of the box flows to the pages in this book

This journal will allow grandma to share her recipes with her grandchild and share the stories behind them. This journal is not a one time use, it is a book to fill out over time, tell more stories, and bond with each other. The activities included in the journal are:

  • Conversations from the Kitchen where grandma and the grandchild pick their favorite recipes together and write them down. There is space to write why it is their favorite recipe, ingredients. and directions. It is the perfect opportunity for the two to work together in creating a forever memory and a book of delicious recipes.
  • Memories and Recipes: This section allows grandma to share her favorite recipes, family traditions, and keep a journal about what she loves most. It is like a letter to her grandchild that they can read together and discuss.
  • More Activities and Recipes: This is the place where grandma can help the grandchild record their family tree, make salt-dough keepsakes, and share even more recipes. This section comes with the recipe and instructions on making a salt-dough ornament.

Check out the Little Bridges unboxing video to see all the items included.

This “Grandma and Me: In the Kitchen” will make an awesome gift for either grandma or the grandkid. All the items are well made, even the books have hardcovers, the instructions are clear, and the set can easily become a beautiful addition to the kitchen. With the holidays coming, imagine this under the tree and opened on Christmas Day. The activities, no doubt, will begin almost immediately with fabric paint flying onto the pot holder and marker connecting to the apron. The keepsakes will be ready to use to make those fun holiday sugar cookies and tell the story about the first time grandma made them.

I give the “Grandma and Me: In the Kitchen” activity kit five stars. Not only will this activity kit encourage members of the family to communicate, it will help increase intergenerational bonds, develop literacy skills, help the grandkids to learn their family history, teach them to cook, and more.

“Grandma and Me: In the Kitchen” activity kit is added to our Holiday Gift Guide as an amazing present that will give for years to come and become a family tradition. The activity kit can be purchased at The Little Bridges website describes the box, shares testimonies, explains the reason behind their creations, and it gets us excited for even more activity boxes that are coming soon!

More about Little Bridges:

LOS ANGELES (November 12, 2020) – Little Bridges announces the launch of their debut family heritage series with the release of their inaugural project, Grandma and Me: In the Kitchen. The first in a line of intergenerational themed activity kits that include exclusive Little Bridges content and entertaining keepsakes designed to stir vibrant exchanges based on family traditions and history, Grandma & Me: In the Kitchen is designed for Grandmothers and their 4+ year-old grandchildren.

Available today, the Grandma and Me: In the Kitchen activity kit includes a picture storybook (“What If You Were a Chef at the Zoo?”), keepsakes to craft and personalize (a handprint potholder for Grandma and an apron for grandchild), and a one-of- a-kind activity recipe journal that captures favorite family recipes as well as the cherished stories behind them. All of the activities in the kit are intentionally designed to jump-start meaningful conversations between Grandma and her grandchildren.

Little Bridges is an innovative direct-to-consumer company dedicated to creating products that foster enduring multi-generational experiences. Founded by veteran publishing executive, children’s book author, and intergenerational product expert Kate Jerome and lifelong media entrepreneur and dedicated environmentalist Raoul Goff, Little Bridges is committed to fashioning beautiful and life-changing creations that can bring people together and facilitate insightful, legacy-building connections.

Jerome, co-founder and beloved “Mimi” of three grandchildren, is passionate about helping nurture the grandparent/grandchild bond. “Research shows that strong intergenerational relationships are mutually beneficial—contributing to both a child’s sense of self and an adult’s sense of purpose—and this activity kit provides a wonderful way for grandparents to connect with little ones as they pass down family traditions and help build their personal development.” says Jerome. “For generations, gathering in the kitchen represents the heart and soul of family tradition so it’s a great foundation for this series.”

As a follow-up to Grandma and Me: In the Kitchen, Little Bridges is planning to release a second kit in 2021, Grandma & Me: Explore Outdoors. The company will also expand the intergenerational activity kit concept to include future products branded around such groupings as “Mama & Me” and “Grandpa & Me.”

“If the present circumstances have taught us anything, it’s that life is precious, and we can’t take it for granted,” says Co-Founder Goff who is a devoted father and new grandfather himself. “With Little Bridges, we hope to help people focus on the intangibles that really matter as families build deeper relationships.”

“All of us want kids to learn how to nurture great connections with the people in their lives” adds Jerome. “At Little Bridges, we like to say that we provide the tools and you provide the love. Our motto of ‘love, laughter and legacy’ sums it all up!”

About Little Bridges
Parents and grandparents know that family stories and important conversations are essential to a child’s well-being. Yet, in this busy world, it’s often hard to find the time or the way. That’s where Little Bridges comes in. Each kit provides a set of fun-filled activities intentionally designed to inspire meaningful conversations, connections, and delightful legacy moments between kids and their favorite adults. Together, we envision a partnership of real impact. Little Bridges provides the tools…you provide the love! See more at

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