Monster High: The Complete First Season – Review

Monster High is back with a new spook-tacular series! With a new look and new stories, the fun never stopes in the new DVD, Monster High: The Complete First Season! Clawdeen Wolf, Draculaura, Frankie Stein, and more are back for first picture day, hidden chambers, weird food fights, curses, and more. Many of these events will send the students on adventures where they learn to embrace their inner monster.

Monster High: The Complete First Season (affiliate link) is available on DVD from Paramount Home Entertainment on for the suggested retail price of $12.99.

I received the chance tor review the series and here is what I thought.

As a fan of the classic Monster High, I found that there are similarities but also drastic changes from the classic to this new series. While we still have some of our favorite characters, the design and the story have taken a tangent from what I am used to.

The design of the classic Monster High series, I think is a notch above the newer series. I am not saying that the new Monster High is bad, it’s simply different. However, there were choices made that kind of take away from the classic character designs. For example, while the characters are definitely recognizable, their style and almost catwalk look are so different or non-existent. The new series has them in tennis shoes, more sporty, with way less flare. While the classic series really gave them an individual style that was unique to monster fashion. Check out the cool fashion notes on my blog here (click one of the Teen Screams). I love their lace up boots, mini skirts, and hair style. When you look at Cleo, you know she is all about the gold, jewels, and absolute superiority, which changes in the new series. She is seriously downgraded for the 2022 audience.

What do you think? Is the new series better in design?

The story has all changed a lot, bringing a different dynamic to many of my favorite characters. For example, Clawdeen Wolf is now half human half wolf. At first she struggles with finding where she belongs because she can be in both worlds: human and monster This was not the case in the classic series, where she was a strong confident individual.

We also have Draculaura, who now wants to be a witch. I know they are trying to make her character more complex, but seriously, the daughter of Dracula (a different Dracula) has a ton of complicated story lines, especially when it comes to her love life. Adding a desire to be a witch sort of throws off the character for me.

Now, all the comparisons aside, let’s take a look at the series on it’s own. It really is a fantastic story line that the whole family can watch and enjoy. The art is up with what kids are used to today, the morals stay true with life lessons, and the entertainment value is good. The characters are well rounded and have both flaws and desires with plenty of room for growth. It gets a 5 stars for me as a separate entity. However, on a scale of 1-5, the classic Monster High is a 10. haha

To celebrate the release of Monster High The Complete First Season on DVD, we have a fantastic recipe that everyone in the family will enjoy! Simply grab the ingredients and follow the instructions to make some fang-tastic Monster High Berries. Click the image below to get the recipe and start the yummy adventure.