PAW Patrol: Jungle Pups DVD Giveaway and Review – Ends 3/11/2024

Today marks the release of Spin Master Entertainment’s newest DVD, PAW Patrol: Jungle Pup, now on DVD! Fans will go on several adventures starring our favorite rescue pups and their good friend, Tracker! We get to watch as they work as a team to rescue jungle animals while using their animal inspired vehicles and gear! There’s nothing the mighty rescue rangers can’t beat when they work together!

PAW Patrol: Jungle Pups (affiliate link) will be available on DVD from Paramount Home Entertainment today, February 27, 2024, for the suggested retail price of $10.99.

Thanks to Spin Master Entertainment and Nickelodeon, I received a copy of the DVD to watch and write a review. Here are my thoughts.


It is time for a wild adventure with everything we have come to know and love about PAW Patrol and their adorable pups. With their continuation to reinforce quality ideas and morals within action packed adventures, PAW Patrol has not only found a place in the hearts of children everywhere, but also received high praise from adults.

For kids, the new PAW Patrol: Jungle Pups DVD will delight, inspire, and teach. With great characters, colors, and story lines, kids will find the episodes in the DVD fun to watch. They will get to see their favorite pups in action as they work to save the animals in the jungle and learn about new animals along the way. Some of the most popular animals featured, is a sloth (Pups Save a Sloth) and meerkats (Pups Save the Meerkat Pirates). However, we also get to see extinct animals, such as a Sabre-tooth tiger and Mammoths (JUNGLE PUPS: Pups Save the Big, Big Animals).

The vehicles in these Jungle Pups episodes are inspired by animals with trunks, teeth, and, of course, gear to help the pups save the animals they encounter along the way. A fun challenge for the kids is trying to identify which animal each vehicle used as inspiration. Can you name them all?

Along with the stories, animals, and art, parents also get everything they have come to expect from PAW Patrol with their focus on encouragement, teamwork, and problem-solving skills. As stated above, “There’s nothing the mighty rescue rangers can’t beat when they work together!”

PAW Patrol once again gets a 5 star review and my thanks for making such an amazing show.

More about PAW Patrol: Jungle Pups

PAW Patrol: Jungle Pups synopsis:
Tracker discovers a cave that leads to a lush jungle oasis unlike anything he’s ever seen before. In this forgotten jungle filled with vegetation and untold treasures, Tracker encounters an amazing variety of unique animals, including tigers, elephants, rhinos, falcons, snapping turtles, and crocodiles. But danger lurks around every tree, and that’s when Carlos and Tracker will call in some extra help. Ryder and the pups arrive in all-new jungle gear and animal-inspired vehicles to save the day!

PAW Patrol: Jungle Pups episodes:

  • JUNGLE PUPS: Pups Find a Hidden Jungle
  • JUNGLE PUPS: Pups Save the Big, Big Animals
  • JUNGLE PUPS: Pups Save the Meerkat Pirates / JUNGLE PUPS: Pups Save a Hum-Hippo
  • JUNGLE PUPS: Pups Save a Golden Sweetie / JUNGLE PUPS: Pups Save the Giant Ants
  • Pups Save the Wacky Water Skiers / Pups Save the Mayor’s Assistant
  • Pups Save a High-Flying Hen / Pups Save a Sloth

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    • cyndi br on 03/10/2024 at 21:33

    chase is the favorite

    • Mikhail Rapoport on 02/28/2024 at 23:14

    Chase is an awesome character.

    • Shakeia Rieux on 02/27/2024 at 23:24

    My favorite is Skye.

    • natosha on 02/27/2024 at 08:07

    I love Marshall the dalmatian, but all of them are very adorable and awesome dogs!

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