Printable Character Fortune Teller Inspired by PAW Patrol: ALL PAWS ON DECK!

PAW Patrol is back with a brand new DVD, PAW Patrol: All Paws on Deck, featuring many of their pals from previous episodes! We get to see our favorite pups getting assistance from Everest, Tracker, Sweetie, Tuck, Ella, Rex, Liberty, and more! That is quite a lineup! PAW Patrol: All Paws On Deck (affiliate link) is available on DVD from Paramount Home Entertainment for the suggested retail price of $10.99.

PAW Patrol: All Paws on Deck has our friends on a brand new adventure as they jump into action to save Adventure Bay from a 10-year-old genius, Codi Gizmody, and her diabolical device. Using her near science fiction equipment, Codi seeks to relocate all of the buildings in Adventure Bay and change the area into her own private island. However, the pups look to stop the scheme and save their town from being disassembled.

Like other PAW Patrol DVDs, this series encourages teamwork, problem solving, and relying on others. It may be a crazy situation with the possibility of their home never being the same again, but the PAW Patrol knows with effort and help, they can save their town. As always, a great message for the younger audience.

The DVD features several episode:

  • All Paws on Deck
  • MIGHTY PUPS SUPER PAWS: Pups Meet the Mighty Twins
  • Pups Save a Playful Elephant Calf
  • Pups Save a T-Rex Tyke
  • Pups Save the Pup Pup Boogie Contest
  • Liberty Makes a New Friend
  • Pups Save Travelin’ Travis From Really Big Bill!
  • BIG TRUCK PUPS: Pups Stop a Flood
  • Pups Save a Box Fort
  • Pups Save a Flying Farmhouse
  • Pups Stop a Super Shaker

To celebrate the release of PAW Patrol: All Paws on Deck, we are excited to share a wonderful printable! Use this DIY Fortune Teller to find out which pip you are! Instructions are included on how to make the Fortuneteller. Simply cluck the image below, save the PDF to your computer, and then print and create.

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