Prog and Chewbacca Printable Coloring Page

What is more adorable than a Porg? Not much if you ask me. These lovable creatures certainly captured my heart in all their cuteness. Even Chewbacca couldn’t ignore their large sad eyes while he tried to devour a lovely fire roasted Porg. Chewbacca and I were not the only ones to fall for these little penguin like creatures; The whole Star Wars fandom went head over heels demanding all things Porg. Their cuteness could not be contained.



In honor of the Chewbacca/Porg relationship in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Disney Family has posted a printable coloring page featuring these fun creatures. Simply click the image below and Save the PDF. Then print and color for awesome Porg fun. You can also get the coloring page from Disney Family.

Image from Disney Family

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