Slugterra Crystalyd Printable Coloring Page and Wallpaper!

Crystalyd Slug from SlugTerra!
With only one surfacing once every one hundred years, the Crystalyd slug is Ultra Rare and highly sought after (as we see in The Slug Run episode). A Crystalyd slug is a tunneler creating sink holes, tunnels and a form of quick sand. Their preferred habitat is deep beneath the earth, which makes them extremely difficult to find. Check out the spec below for details on this slug.



Crystalyd specs from
Crystalyd: Species #027
A Famous Slug of this species: Digger
Preferred Habitat: Deep beneath the earth – rarely surfaces
Power Type: Tunneler Slug
Element: Earth
Rarity: Ultra Rare
Protoform Abilities: Can drill through soft materials
Attacks: 4

    Tremor Tunnel: Digs an escape tunnel through any type of rock
    Terrafirma: Hits the ground and creates a patch of churning rock and sand, dragging down foe
    Slabsaw: Digs through a wall, creating a spinning ring of rocks used to attack foe
    Vibroquake: Tunnels into ground, creates a sink hole to trap foe

Crystalyd transformation:

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