Slugterra Hop Rock Printable Coloring Page and Wallpaper!

Hop Rock Slug from SlugTerra!
Hop Rock is a solid and very common slug that is often used in battles. Even the most inexperienced Slugslinger can sling a Hop Rock. They are a fire element exploding slug with 4 different attack abilities. When shot from a blaster, they transform into a large exploitable force. One of the famous Hop Rock slugs is Rocky, which belongs to Eli Shane.

Image Hop Rock SKGaleana



Hop Rock specs from
Hop Rock: Species #006
A Famous Slug of this species: Rocky
Preferred Habitat: high
Power Type: Exploder slug
Element: Fire
Rarity: Common
Protoform Abilities: Small burst, like firecrackers
Attacks: 4

    Sploder: Medium explosion.
    Meta Mine: Lays a visible field of glowing proximity mines to stop slugs or opponents crossing the area.
    Scrapnel: Explodes in flight creating a burst of glowing hot shrapnel
    MetalShard: Explodes in mid-air shooting needle-like shards that trap an opponent against a wall

Hop Rock transformation:

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