The Rugrats Season 1 Volume 1 DVD #Giveaway and Review!

On July 12, Nickelodeon release their first volume of their brand new series, Rugrats, on DVD! Fans can now bring home the all new adventures of Tommy, Chucky, Phil, Lil, and their friends With several original voices coming to reprise their roles, such as Tommy voiced by Elizabeth Daily and Angelica voiced by Cheryl Chase, this DVD is something fans may love to bring home.

I received the chance to review this blast from the past and here is what I thought.

When the new Rugrats series started streaming on  Paramount+, I wrote a review about the series. I was disturbed about what they did to Grandpa Lou and how the writers did a complete 180 on his character. It was heartbreaking to see one of my favorite characters change so much. The veteran that took no lip changed to a peace loving hippie. While that isn’t a bad thing, it just wasn’t Grandpa Lou. Sadly, this change is still a reason that I can’t fully get into the show. The past and the original Rugrats resonate louder than this remake.

However, remove the influence from the past and I am sure this series is a fun one for kids and adults alike, I will change my previous review about how boring the episodes tend to be because the series gets better with time. We get a lot of fun adventures, tasks, and weird scenarios that make the Rugrats fascinating, producing a huge fandom. For example, in The Perfect Myth, we enter the world of Greece as seen through the eyes of the Rugrats. We get the god of building stuff, the god of juice and even a god of tricks. Somehow, their weird imagination leads to being exiled to the None-der World and a struggle for perfection. In the end, we learn that striving to be perfect all the time is impossible and that less than perfect is ok.

Each episode from the Rugrats remake follow Nickelodeon’s theme of providing morals for kids to learn. Whether it is learning to share or learning to persevere when things get tough, each episode shares important life lessons.

The episodes found in this first volume release of The Rugrats are:

  • Second Time Around
  • Lady De-Clutter/New Puppy
  • Tail of the Dogbot/Jonathan for a Day
  • One Big Happy Family/The Last Balloon
  • March for Peas/The Two Angelicas
  • No License to Drive/I Dream of Duffy
  • The Fish Stick/The Pickle Barrel
  • The Future Maker/Goodbye Reptar
  • The Bubbe and Zayde Show/The Perfect Myth
  • The Big Diff/Final Eclipse
  • Great Minds Think Alike/Betty and the Beast
  • Escape from Preschool/Mr. Chuckie

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    • RICARDO MENEZES on 08/13/2022 at 18:54

    My favorite is phil

    • Francisco Moreno on 08/11/2022 at 20:26

    My favorite is Tommy.

    • Kelly l Woods on 08/01/2022 at 21:02

    Angelica Pickles is our favorite character. thank you 🙂

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