Grab Your Free Digital Copy of Wreck-It Ralph For Connecting Your DMA to VUDU!

Disney Movies Anywhere works with iTunes. Google Play. and now VUDU! Walmart’s VUDU service joined Disney Movies Anywhere (DMA) as a participating retailer, which further enhanced the ability to manage and enjoy your digital collections of Disney, Pixar, and Marvel movies at home and on the go! Connect your DMA account to your VUDU account and watch as all your Disney movies join your other favorite movies on VUDU making it easier than ever to enjoy your movie collections Anywhere! With VUDU on devices like smart TVs, Roku 3, Xbox One
and PlayStation 4 as well as Apple and Android smartphones and tablets, Disney Fans can watch their movies and even more devices!

For a limited time Bonus! Connect your accounts today and get a free digital copy of Wreck-it Ralph on your Disney Movies Anywhere and VUDU! Click the image below and begin the ptrocess!

Wreck it Ralph for Free SKGaleana

How to connect DMA to VUDU:
1. Log in to VUDU and DMA
2. Find the Wreck it Ralph Preview on or VUDU to to get started.
3. Click “Get Started” on DMA or click “Connect with VUDU” on the VUDU Site
4. Follow the short steps to connect and begin enjoying your Disney Movies Anywhere on even more devices with the help of VUDU!
5. Wreck-It Ralph will be automatically added to you Disney Movies Anywhere Database!

Click here for more information about Disney Movies Anywhere now on VUDU

You Could Win a Copy of the New Frozen Sing-Along Edition on DVD

Frozen Singalong contest SKGaleana

This holiday season Disney is releasing Frozen in a Sing-Along edition on DVD and Digital! Frozen, I would have to say, is one of the most popular movies out their right now. With unforgettable characters, great music and a wintry wonderland, Disney hit a snowball of a home run. The music in this film has been so catching that people all around the world have made their own Frozen music videos featuring the famous songs of Frozen. Because so many people can’t help themselves but sing along to the film (including myself), Disney released Frozen Sing-Along edition on DVD Nov 18, 2014!

This DVD release comes just in time for the holidays, making it a great way to spend time with family and sing your hearts out! This DVD will also make a great Christmas Gift since Frozen is nearly Number 1 on the Toy charts for this years Christmas Wishes.

Experience FROZEN, hit musical comedy from Walt Disney Animation Studios, like never before in an all-new, full-length SING-ALONG EDITION! Follow the lyrics with a bouncing FROZEN snowflake. Join Anna as she sets off on an epic journey — teaming up with rugged mountain man Kristoff and a snowman named Olaf — to find her sister Elsa, whose icy powers have trapped the kingdom of Arendelle in eternal winter. It’s pure enchantment — and full of fun for the whole family!

Enter the contest below for a chance to Win a Copy of this musical release! Answer the trivia question to receive one entry and unlock the other possible entries. Tweet the contest once a day to increase your chances of winning! This is open to US residents that are 18 years of age or older only! Please read our Contest Rules and Regulations before entry.

Good Lock!

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Contest Rules and Regulations

You can also buy Frozen Sing Along Edition (1-Disc DVD + Digital HD) from

Be sure to check out the free printables I have on my blog featuring all the characters in party decorations, activities, coloring pages and more!


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Star Wars: Phineas and Ferb Printable Intergalactic Adventure Activity Pack

Phineas and Ferb join the Rebellion and perhaps the dark side in their very own Star Wars Adventure Phineas & Ferb: Star Wars on DVD!

Phineas and Ferb Star Wars DVD

A couple of summers ago in a galaxy far, far away, Phineas and Ferb are happily basking in the glow of Tatooine’s twin suns — until plans for the Death Star accidentally fall into their hands, thrusting them (and Agent P) into a galactic rebellion and an epic struggle of good versus evil in PHINEAS AND FERB: STAR WARS(TM). Will Phineas and Ferb be able to resist the Dark Side? Will Stormtrooper Candace finally bust a Rebel? Can Agent P stop Darthenshmirtz from using his Force-powered “Sith-Inator”? You will just have to watch this action-packed fun, this mind-blowing, intergalactic adventure to find out!

In anticipation of of this EPIC DVD release, Disney has released several printables in one activity packed PDF! A Galaxy of Fun and it is free to download, print and create!

Spot the difference with Candace, Buford and Baljeet!
Draw Lightsabers in the Doof Darthenshmirtz Lightsaber Word Find!
Match The Phineas Jedi with his exact duplicate!
Name the characters on the transport!
Help Phineas Find Doof Darthenshmirtz in the epic Hero Maze!
Connect the Dots to Reveal everyone’s favorite agent in Star Wars attire!
Color your favorite Phineas and Ferb Characters in 4 coloring pages featuring Phineas, Sith Ferb. Agent P, and Doof Darthenshmirtz!

Simply click the image below to start your Star Wars Adventure with the help of Phineas and Ferb!

If you have not grabbed your copy of this intergalactic adventure, hyperdrive it over to and purchase a copy now! This DVD will make an awesome Christmas gift, or a great addition to any collection. It also comes with 5 additional adventures!
“For Your Ice Only/Happy New Year!”
“Steampunx/It’s No Picnic”
“Terrifying Tri-State Trilogy Of Terror (Parts 1 And 2)
“Doof 101/Father’s Day”
“Tales From The Resistance” (Parts 1 And 2)

Enjoy the printables and remember….The Ferb will be with you… always.


Disclosure: SKGaleana receives products in order to conduct reviews. Unless noted otherwise, no monetary compensation was provided. I only share and recommend products or services I think will be a good fit for my readers. All the opinions are 100% my own. In exchange for referrals, some posts may contain affiliate links that I may receive commission for payment. (See more here)

Cubeecraft of Kristoff from Disney’s Frozen

Kristoff Bjorgman is a true rugged mountain man who felt the only companion he would ever need was a spunky Reindeer named Sven. At least that is how he felt about his life before he met Anna. Anna turned his world upside down when she demanded his help in searching for her sister Elsa. In a nonchalant sort of way, Kristoff agreed to assist Anna on her quest to the North Mountain. Little did he know, this quest would change his entire outlook on life! Danger, love, adventure, death, and ice…lots of ice froze in his future and even Kristoff, with his pointy shoes, couldn’t avoid the emotional roller coaster that started the moment he saw Anna in the Trading Post.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

This Cubeecraft features Kristoff in his summer cloths with his large nose and kind eyes.

This Cubeecraft is free to download, Print and Create. I only ask that if you do create it and share it, please be sure to give SKGaleana credit. Below are some basic instructions for creating this cubeecraft.

Materials needed:
Card stock
Craft knife

To make:

  1. Cut out each item along the outer black lines.
  2. Cut along the white on each tab using the Craft knife
  3. Cut along each red line using the Craft knife
  4. Fold along each inner solid black line and slide each tab into the slots created with a Craft knife to form a cube of the head, body, arms, and feet
  5. Slide the arms through the white slots on either side of the body.
  6. Slide the feet through the red slots at the base of the body.
  7. Slide the now completed body through the red lots of the head.

He is done. To download this cubeecraft click the links below and save them to your computer. Then print and create!

Slugterra Ghoul Earth Elemental Printable Coloring Page!

Ghoul Earth Elemental Slug Coloring Page from SlugTerra!
The Ghoul Earth Elemental Slug is featured in the movie SlugTerra: Return of the Elementals. It is an Elemental slug with great unknown powers that could destroy SlugTerra. In the movie, when the Earth Elemental is ghouled, all the slugs featuring the Earth Element also get ghouled. The only way to change all the Earth Element slugs back to their original form was to heal the Earth Elemental. Eli and the Shane Gang are left to the task of trying to save the caverns and the slugs that live there from the darkness that came with the slugs being ghouled. The coloring page below features the Earth Elemental after it has been ghouled.

Answer 20 Ghoul Earth Elemental SKGaleana

The Specs below are very limited as not much is known about the Elements. If you know of some specs to add please leave a comment and I will add them 😀



Ghoul Earth Elemental specs
Species #: Unknown
Preferred Habitat: unknown
Power Type: Earth
Element: Dark Shadow
Rarity: Legendary Rare
Protoform Abilities: Unknown
Attacks: unknown

    When Shot with the other Elementals at the same time, they Heal Slugterra
To download this coloring page click the image below and save the PDF.
This coloring page is free to download, print and create. I do however, accept donations. Any amount helps keep the hobby alive and allows me to continue to bring my readers awesome printables and coloring pages.
If you donate $5 USD I will email you 5 printable SlugTerra Info cards! You must send me an email with how much you donated and What five slugs you wish to get from the list posted here: Slugterra Info Cards! Be sure to also check out my Slugterra Card game. Collect slugs and battle opponents in epic slug battles!

Amount you wish to Donate

To download this coloring page click the image below and save the PDF.

If you print and color this Slug, take a Picture or scan it. I would love to share your art on my facebook page!
If you have a specific Slug you would like to see made into a coloring page, let me know in the comments below, it may be the next one I create 😀

Get my other Slugterra Coloring pages by clicking here
You can find Burpy (Infurnus) and the others!

LEGO Mini Figure Jackpot With The Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar

Talk about Jackpot! I think I may have found one of the coolest Star Wars Christmas Toys! It may be because I am a huge Lego fan, but no one can deny how epic this Star Wars Advent Calendar is with all the cool mini figurines!

I found this awesome Lego set by accident when I was looking for some cool star wars Christmas items to share with all my readers. There I was just scanning all the cool items on Amazon. I clicked on a Star Wars Lego set, drooling as I read the details. When out of the corner of my eye I saw a picture of other kits they recommend. There, in all its glory, was the Advent Calendar. At first I thought it would be little Lego chocolates, because let’s face it, that would be the best Advent Calendar I could find, at least that is what I was thinking at the time. Turns out getting 24 mini figures of star wars characters, including a Darth Vader in a Santa suit made my chocolate wishes disappear. And to my surprise the price did not reach into the 100s! Accidents like these need to happen every day.

Well I was just so excited, I had to share my discovery. Click the pictures to enlarge them and see all the fun characters available.

    Spend the festive period on icy planet Hoth with the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar! Open up a door each December day to reveal a cool Star Wars themed gift, including minifigures starships, vehicles and more. Once you have all 24 gifts, unfold the playmate and act out hilarious Hoth-based scenes that everyone in the family will love to watch. This is the perfect holiday gift for LEGO Star Wars fans from any galaxy.(

Star Wars Lego Advent Calendar

Star Wars Lego Advent Calendar2

Below are the 24 mini figures that will be gifted each day in this Calendar. I think the R2 Christmas Tree and the Darth Vader Santa are the top figures in the bunch 😀
Star Wars Lego Advent Calendar3

You can grab a set on and join me in celebrating Christmas in Star Wars Style! 😀

May the Force Be with you!

Hey Arnold! The Complete Series is Now On DVD

Everyones favorite Football Head is now available as a complete collection! All 99 episodes on 16 discs of Hey Arnold! The Complete Series can be purchased today for an awesome price!

Hey arnold on DVD

I remember watching this TV show as a kid. Hey Arnold! was probably one of my favorite TV series. I would make sure to watch the boy with a football shaped head every time a new episode was released. This cartoon really captured the eyes of many children (including myself) because the creators took the pain of growing up and put a hilarious spin on them. Even love was over the top with Helga and her hidden love for Arnold. Admit it, we have all had that hidden love and wanted that possible romance.

There are also great lessons to be learned as Arnold figures out how to be the best person he can be. Of course, as a kid, I never realized I was learning anything meaningful. I simply thought I was watching a great cartoon. While I wouldn’t turn to this TV show to teach kids their life lessons, it is a great cartoon for the young and old. 😀

    Life in the big city is one big adventure for Arnold. Living with his grandparents, who run the Sunset Arms boarding house, Arnold shares a roof with a diverse and unusual menagerie of characters (including his pet pig!). But as any fourth grader knows, some of the most memorable people you’ll ever meet are in school. And with friends like Arnold’s (including storyteller Gerald, class jinx Eugene, sometime-bully Harold, and the tomboy Helga, who harbors a secret crush on our hero), you can be sure that he’s got some funny exploits to share with you!

    Featuring every episode from this cult classic animated series, this all-inclusive box set delivers non-stop, big-city adventures! Whether you want to revisit your own childhood memories or create new ones with your kids, Shout! Factory has two words for you: Hey Arnold!

    Includes Poster Featuring Arnold, Gerald, Helga and Grandpa Phil! (Shout! Factory)

Grab your copy today and enjoy the adventures of Arnold and his football head!

This Complete series features all 99 episodes on 16 discs. That is 38 hours of Hey Arnold! fun!


Disclosure: SKGaleana receives products in order to conduct reviews. Unless noted otherwise, no monetary compensation was provided. I only share and recommend products or services I think will be a good fit for my readers. All the opinions are 100% my own. In exchange for referrals, some posts may contain affiliate links that I may receive commission for payment. (See more here)

Despicable Me 1 & 2 Limited Edition Holiday Blu-ray Gift Set

Gru, his adorable girls, and the mischievous Minions are back with this Limited Edition Holiday Blu-ray Gift Set! Grab these DVD/Blu-Rays to watch an unforgettable cast of characters for the Holidays!

Despicable ME Holiday collectionDespicable ME 2 Holiday collection

When you buy these Despicable Me 1 & 2 Blu-ray or DVD Gift Sets, you will receive a Dave and Carl Minion Ornaments (One in each package)!

Despicable ME Holiday collection ornaments

Despicable Me – Vying for the title of “World’s Greatest Villain”, Gru (voiced by Steve Carell) – – along with his hilarious crew of mischievous minions – plots to pull off the craziest crime of the century: steal the moon! But when Gru enlists the help of three little girls, they see something in him nobody else has ever seen: the perfect dad. From executive producer Chris Meledandri (Horton Hears a Who, Ice Age 3), and featuring the voices of an all-star comedic cast, including Jason Segel, Russell Brand, Miranda Cosgrove and Julie Andrews, “Despicable Me” is “rousingly funny, heartfelt and imaginative” (Pete Hammond, Boxoffice Magazine).

Despicable Me 2 – Just as Gru has given up being super-bad to be a super-dad, the Anti-Villain League recruits him to track down a new criminal mastermind and save the world. Partnered with secret agent Lucy Wilde, Gru, along with the wildly unpredictable Minions, must figure out how to keep his cover while also keeping up with his duties as a father. Assemble the Minions for laugh-out-loud comedy in “one of the funniest, most enjoyable movies ever!” (MovieGuide)

Grab your copies here and get ready for a minion filled Holiday!

Weeping Angel Christmas Tree Topper

Have you ever thought that Christmas is just not creepy enough? Well the people over at ThinkGeek thought so. They are now selling a special Tree topper featuring the Weeping Angel from Doctor Who. Imagine waking up and making your way to the tree on Christmas day only to find the possibility of being forever lost in time staring at you in the face. Doesn’t it bring all the warm holiday feelings to life and make you enjoy the company of friends and family?

I am sure you will also find how popular your tree is to the family and friends. No one will want to look away or blink! Seriously, the uncertainty and doubt would leave even me wondering if it would be safe to turn and sip my eggnog.

Weeping Angel Topper

Info from ThinkGeek:

During the holidays, we normally get and give all sorts of presents. Well, there’s something out there that wants to take your present. Not the presents you get for the holidays, but your actual present. Yes, you guessed it – we’re referring to the Weeping Angels. They want to take your present and send you back into the past. And now here’s a little one for your holiday tree: the Weeping Angel Christmas Topper!

Each Weeping Angel Christmas Topper is made of space age plastic and fits over the very top of your festive indoor plant (or plant simulacrum). The Weeping Angel has her face covered, averting her eyes from your gaze. But if you blink… if you dare blink… who knows what will happen. You might end up visiting Ebenezer Scrooge and the Ghost of Christmas past. The Weeping Angel Christmas Topper is all about showing the world you love Doctor Who, while taking a big risk that this Angel is just decoration.

Product Specifications

    A different sort of angel topper for your holiday tree of choice – this one is a Weeping Angel!
    Add a little fear to your holidays – just slide over the top of your celebratory foliage
    Officially-licensed Doctor Who tree ornamentation
    Made of space-age plastic
    Dimensions: approx. 8.2″ tall x 5.6″ x 4.25″

Be sure to grab your creepy Christmas Tree Weeping Angel Topper to add a little Doctor Who to your Christmas! And check out the Weeping Angel Ornaments to give your tree even more of the Doctor Who Vibe (and possibly freak out a few more of your guests).

Planes: Fire & Rescue Free Printable Movie Bingo, Fire Safety Tips and Recipe!

Disney’s Planes: Fire & Rescue has flown into retail stores! What better way to celebrate this release than with a free activity package featuring your favorite Planes Fire and Rescue characters!
~Learn how to make a sweet butternut squash apple bake with the included fantastic recipe.
~Get some fire prevention safety tips, a must for any inspiring young Fire Fighter.
~Play Who’s Who? with your favorite Planes characters including Maru, Ryker, Mayday, Avalanche, Drip, Dusty, Dynamite, Blackout, Pinecone, Cabbie, Lil Dipper, Windlifter, and Blade Ranger.
~Play Planes: Fire & Rescue Movie Bingo with all your favorite characters and take advantage of the free spots.

To download this awesome package, click the image below and save the pdf to your computer. It is free to download, print, and create!

Planes fire and rescue

Don’t forget to grab your copy of Planes: Fire and Rescue and bring home the Disney Magic!