Master-of-Dreams Dumpulor Slug is now a Coloring Page!

The Dumpulor slug is a fan made slug made by Master-of-Dreams. This Slug could appear in the Slugterra Universe. It is a toxic slug that often lives in junkyards. With their advanced protoform ability, these slugs could be used to disintegrate locks and other small metals, often making them a desirable slug for thieves and other crooked characters in Slugterra. Dumpulor Slugs cause a lot of damage to their enemies, making it necessary to replace blasters and mechebeasts. If a slugslinger is not careful the damaging gas could be used against them if the slug is deflected (See Pronto and his Flatulorhinkus as an example). Only the most advanced slugslingers should use this slug. See the specs below for more information on the Dumpulor Slug.

Dumpulor created by Master-of-dreams SKGaleana



Dumpulor slug specs from Master-of-Dreams
Dumpulor slug: Species #unknown
A Famous Slug of this species: Unknown
Preferred Habitat: found in junkyards
Power Type: Toxic Gas
Element: Toxic
Rarity: Rare
Protoform Abilities: can release a gas that can rust a lock of the metal key variety to the point of being dust
Attacks: 3

    GearGuzzler: Latches onto the open end of a enemy blaster and unleashes its signature gas into it, causing the whole thing to rust from the inside out: Making it unusable.
    BeastStopper: Generates a cloud of its gas onto enemy MecheBeasts, preventing them from making a quick escape or trampling you
    SlugDropper: Engulfs an enemy slug in a cloud of its gas, causing them to fall off course and prevents their slinger’s blaster from functioning properly the next time they try to fire them.

Dumpulor transformation:

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