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Disney/Pixar’s Lightyear Printable Activity Pack

An all new sci-fi adventure is coming to theaters June 17, 2022 starring everyone’s favorite superhero, Buzz Lightyear! In this epic origin story, Buzz “Lightyear” (voiced by Chris Evens), follows the legendary Space Ranger on an intergalactic adventure alongside a group of ambitious recruits and his robot companion Sox. To celebrate the soon to be …

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Boss Baby is Back in an All New Netflix Series Boss Baby: Back in the Crib!

The Boss Baby is coming back May 19, 2022 in an all new series on Netflix called Boos Baby: Back in the Crib! Continuing from where the second movie left off, Boss Baby is once again a baby and has moved in with his adult older brother. That means, Tim is once again taking care …

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The ABCs of Blue’s Clues and You! Let’s Learn With Blue on DVD

It’s tine to have fun and learn with Nickelodeon’s all new DVD Blue’s Clues and You! Let’s Learn with Blue, coming to DVD May 26, 2022. This time fans get to join Blue, Josh, and their friends as they learn their ABCs and 123s, they get to learn about the small stuff and the big …

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Blue’s Clues and You! Let’s Learn with Blue DVD #Giveaway

On May 24, 2022, Nickelodeon is releasing a brand new DVD featuring our favorite pals, Blue and Josh in Blue’s Clues and You! Let’s Learn with Blue! This DVD will contains4 episodes filled with learning fun! Fans will get the opportunity to learn their ABCs, their numbers, a little about science and planets, and they …

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Galaxy of Creatures Printable Activity and Coloring Pages

Like the Galactic Pals Coloring Pages, Disney has released several coloring pages featuring some of the creatures from the Star Wars Universe called Galaxy of Creatures. They are done in a similar art style seen in the Galactic Pals, but feature different creatures…except for maybe the Porg and Rancor. Along with the coloring pages, Disney …

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Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous in Coming to an End this July

I am not sure my family and I were ready for Dreamworks’ announcement today. One of our favorite series that airs on Netflix is coming to an end this July. Personally, I don’t want to say goodbye to Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous; this show has everything a fan can ask for: drama, excitement, adventure, and …

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Star Wars Galactic Pals Printable Coloring Pages

Disney is releasing an adorable series called Star Wars Galactic Pals, which features Star Wars creatures as babies! Miree runs a galactic daycare and must cater to each child’s unique traits and behaviors. For example, in the first two episodes we learn that Wookiees have anger management issues and Ewoks are shy. However, Miree has …

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Mini Flower Pudding Pies Recipe Inspired By Nick Jr. Spring Is Here

Spring is here, the grass is turning green, and the flowers are in bloom! It is so great to see life come alive as the weather warms up. Nickelodeon is celebrating the new season with their fantastic release of Nick Jr. Spring Is Here, now available on DVD! The DVD has 6 episodes all dedicated …

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Printable Among Us Easter Coloring Page

Easter is just around the corner and it is looking kinda sus to me. How can Easter be here already? I swear it just turned 2022. It feels like it took 24 hours for the snow to melt and for the flowers to bloom. Now Easter is jumping out from behind a bush screaming, “I …

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Printable Among Us Easter Egg Holders

The Easter Eggs are going to be kinda sus this year. Why? Because Among Us is invading our decorating! Among Us is a multiplayer social game where many players get together to become crewmates on a fun playing field. When players select their group and start the game, 1 or two players are randomly selected …

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