Dreamworks DINOTRUX is Coming to Netflix


What do we get when we cross dinosaurs with construction trucks? We get an all new series by Dreamworks called Dinotrux coming exclusively to Netflix August 14th. Roaming the earth with large tracks and an appetite for Ore, Dinotrux are half dinosaur and half truck living in the Mechazoic Era. Basically, the Jurassic era and the construction industry combine in the first exciting “action show” made for younger kids. Inspired by the book series called Dinotrux by Chris Gall, this great show features strong messages about independence and cooperation with fun dinosaur and construction vehicle action, humor and adventure.

Dinotrux book by Chris Gall



Dinotrux carries with it the realism of actual working vehicles and their capabilities in the field. There is no science fiction or fantasy uses for the vehicles, well except for the part that it is half dinosaur…that could be pretty fanciful. However, even though these characters are Dinotrux, a dump truck is a dump truck and is used as such. While the characters may find creative uses for their mechanics to solve problems, the viewers will never see anything outside of the realm of reality in terms of machinery and its uses. So for those hoping to see anti-gravity bulldozers or teleporting cranes, this may not be the show for you. There are however, bugs that can fly like drones and dinosaurs that almost have a transformer like quality when activating their mechanics.

Dinotrux with dinofly and rivvet

The combination of both dinosaurs and trucks will really capture the hearts of the younger kids in the home. It is pretty hard to go wrong when two beloved themes come together. While it may be geared (pun intended) towards the younger kids, it is also a great series for the family to watch. The characters are very entertaining in design as machine blends perfectly with a dinosaur. I found myself examining the tools and how they are displayed on each dinosaur. Revvit, a razor-sharp Reptool, has different bits attached to his back like spines, which are perfect for repairing broken Dinotruxs.

rivvet dinotrux

While I was examining the machines and in total awe of the well thought out placement of each part, it suddenly hit me…I have heard the voice of Ty Rux before. Ty Rux is a Tyrannosaurus Trux with dreams of making a better place with his friends. His story is inspiring as he defends the weak and builds a better place by working with others, but his voice struck me. I think I spent at least a minute trying to place it, then a blue character formed in my mind. OMG…the voice is Andrew Francis who also voices Kord from Slugterra! My family and I are huge Slugterra fans and this just made the cartoon even more epic!

Ty Rux from DinotruxKord Zane

Ty Rux isn’t the only awesome character featured in Dinotrux. The creators worked hard in compiling a team, or herd, that could work together, share, and get along in fun and interesting ways. The first episode concentrates mostly on the fact that Reptools and Dinotrux never talk. In fact, it amazes a few dinosaurs when they see Ty and Revvit together because it is common knowledge, “different species don’t work together.” However, Ty changes the view and becomes friends with Ton-Ton, Skya, Revvit, Dozer, Garby and more. Learn more about Ty Rux and his friends by clicking the images below and reading about them on dreamworkstv.com/shows/dinotrux. You will also be able to find a few details about D-Structs, the bully of the valley.

All about Dinotrux

After you get to know the Dinotrux, grab the printable coloring pages on their website featuring Ty, Revvit, and the others. Click the image below to drive on over and collect them for free.

Dinotrux printable coloring pages

Get ready to watch Dinotrux on Netflix Aug 14 as they teach friendship, sharing and working together to better the world. See where the inspiration came from with the Dinotrux books by Chris Gall.

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