How To Throw an Are You Afraid of the Dark? Midnight Society Meeting

We got The Midnight Society Kit! With the release of Are You Afraid of the Dark? on DVD, I got the chance to get a Midnight Society kit featuring epic collectibles. Now it’s time to find out who in the family can tell the scariest story around the DIY campfire to claim one of these said collectibles.



The opening letter states:

This box has been submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society…

Inside, you’ll find everything you need for you and your family to host your very own Midnight Society meeting: A glow-in-the-dark membership pin, a flashlight, a page of spooky story starters, and instructions for how to make your own “campfire” for indoor camping. For extra fun, we’ve also included a scarily delicious s’mores recipe and everything you will need to make your own!

After the opening letter, we pulled back the black tissue paper and found a gigantic bag of Jumbo Marshmallow. Yeah, these suckers are not just large, they are enormous and perfect for the delicious s’mores. The box also included a box of Graham Crackers and two melted chocolate bars. While the crackers made it just fine, the heat melted the chocolate bars into a liquid goo. With the summer heat and a long transit, the chocolates never had a chance. Let’s have a moment of silence for the poor innocent chocolate bars…of course, we could totally tell the scary story of the chocolate bar’s revenge… >:)

The poor, poor chocolate bars

The box also contained a really cool pin and flashlight. Since only one pin was included in the box, we decided the scariest story will win the pin. That way, each time we have a scary story night, the pin will change hands.

The Midnight Society Pin
The Midnight Society Flashlight

Unfortunately, the chocolate that came with the kit melted in transit. That happens in 100 degree weather. Luckily, we had Kit-Kat bars in the freezer! A good s’more needs chocolate so these were a necessity. We followed the recipe to make some delicious desserts with our own little Midnight Society twist. They are now the “Coffin S’mores”. I have shared the original recipe here.

Coffin S’Mores

Once the Coffin S’mores were ready to go, it was time to setup camp. We did our best to follow the instructions included but with COVID and the lack of paper towels in the stores, we had no empty paper towel rolls to make the fire. We did, however, have a few extra empty toilet paper rolls (amazing, I know), so we taped those together to form a long tube. From there it was a simple draw, cut, color, and tape to create a blazingly hot fake flickering fire. (Fire instructions can be found here)

We had a few friends pop on in to join the scary story night. They were very quiet throughout the night so I think they were only here for the marshmallows and the s’mores. I can’t blame them, chocolate is sooo good.

Baby Toothless and Baby Yoda enjoying the campfire

To create your own Midnight Society Meeting, I have included a small checklist of things you will need. It takes less than 10 min to make the campfire and everyone can be included in the process. It does take a team to help setup camp. The s’mores are faster yet with just a minute of prep time. As for the scary stories, I have included the helpful spooky scary story starters in the checklist below. These will help the stories begin. Where they end is up to the story teller.

Check List for The Midnight Society Meeting:

Are you Afraid of the Dark is now on DVD. You can grab a copy from Please check out my review because it’s not friendly for all ages. Even I was freaking out with all the crazy bugs and clowns. “Shiver”