UHU Enters the World of Mario with Epic Printables

Uhu is getting ready for back to school with their brand new fun paper crafts featuring Mario, Peach, and Luigi! They ate available to download now on the UHU website.

About UHU
UHU is a German company known for their glues. If we need something to stick together, they got us covered. From domestic, to hobbyists, to professional adhesive needs, the large selection of glue provides several choices for specific projects. I personally have never used UHU glue, I can’t recall seeing it in stores in my area, but they seem to be a very popular brand elsewhere in the world. I mean they have been around for almost 100 years…perhaps I should order a stick and try it.



My main interest for visiting their site is their occasional themed paper crafts they share during different times of the year. This time it is Back To School featuring Mario. Let me just say..EPIC! We can download Mario’s hat and mustache, Peach’s Crown, Mario, Peach, and Luigi banners, as well as a photo frame! Note: All crafts will require glue; they are provided by a glue company after all.

To make:

  • Download the PDF by clicking “Download” or “Get Started” on the UHU website or by clicking the images below.. The UHU website also includes build videos that are very helpful.
  • Print the PDF in color on cardstock or copy paper
  • Follow the instructions included in each PDF
  • Display and/or wear
Mario hat and mustache
Peach’s Crown
Mario, Peach, and Luigi Banner
Photo frame

Along with their seasonal licensed character paper crafts, they also have a bunch of crafts of their own. They have a Jungle theme, Ocean theme, and much more. There are lions, monkeys, elephants, sharks, dolphins, and jelly fish, just to name a few.. All of these are still available to download here.

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