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Uncle Iroh Cubeecraft from Avatar The Last Airbender ATLA

Iroh was an easy going man who many times appeared to not have a care in the world. But as you watch the tv series Avatar the Last airbender, his character develops and expands into one of the most deep and understanding characters. By appearance one would never know the true power Iroh had and …

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Cubeecraft of Elsa from Disney’s Animated Movie Frozen

Elsa, the Disney Snow Queen, is defiantly one of the more complicated characters. Her fear for her powers and for the life of her people only makes her powers more uncontrollable. Isolating herself into a lonely existence to avoid making those around her suffer. Her brain has to be an emotional roller coaster as she …

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The 11th Doctor as a Printable Teddy Bear Cubeecraft with Sonic Screwdriver and Fez

ark your calendars, get the snacks, the Day of the Doctor is approaching fast. Don’t forget to have a Doctor Who Marathon before Nov. 23rd. Not because you forgot what has happened but because it is worth another watch. And if you are looking for something fun to create to help add to the festivities …

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Doctor Who Cubeecraft of the 10th Doctor as a Teddy Bear

The Day of the Doctor is Nov. 23, 2013 and I have a set of Doctor Who Cubeecrafts just for the occasion. Today I release the first Doctor Who Cubeecraft, The 10th doctor Teddy Bear also known as The 10th Teddy Doctor. 😀 He is decorated in the iconic Blue Suit with his Sonic Screwdriver. …

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Cubeecraft of Anna from Disney’s Animated Movie Frozen

My favorite character to work on from Disney’s Animated film Frozen was Anna. All the details in her dress I really wanted to get right. She also has, upon further inspection, a white strip of hair that I had to be place in the cubeecraft as well. It took a while but I believe I …

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Cubeecraft of Olaf From Disney’s 53 Animated Film ‘Frozen’

From the moment I heard about Disney’s new movie Frozen, I was extremely excited. This film is inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale The Snow Queen. Of course Disney will take several liberties, making it their own story, but from what I have seen in their ads and trailers, it is sure to be …

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Free Achmed the Dead Terrorist Cubeecraft

Achtober is almost over and this creepy guy is sure to be sad to see it end, so I though he should go out with a bang…again bahaha. “When Dunham introduced this boggle-eyed skeleton, he set the world on fire… actually, he set himself on fire, then he accidentally blew himself up, and within no …

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A Mummy Monster as a Teddy Bear Cubeecraft

He may not be very Egyptian or very old, but this Cubeecraft Teddy Bear Rocks the undead world in his very own Mummy Costume. This little guy can also be filled with treats for that perfect Halloween gift or add to the decor of the home. Or if you are like me you set this …

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A Cuter Version of Frankenstein’s Monster as a Teddy Bear Cubeecraft

This Halloween you can become Frankenstein and create your own monster. However, this one is cute and almost cuddly. I wouldn’t try to reanimate him. He is after all made of paper and would disintegrate once struck by lightning. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Maybe drinking a love potion number 9 while at a monster mash dance in …

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Free Rio the Movie Printables

Rio is one of my favorite movies. I love watching the struggles of a bird conquering his fears and taking life by the wings, facing the winds of change, and soaring to new heights. Even my parrot enjoys watching this movie with me. I am not sure if it is all the pretty colors, the …

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