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Dec 16 2016

Free Printable Moana Activities and Crafts

If you haven’t already seen the movie Moana, I do suggest it. It has wonderful music and a great story. Not to mention…I love Hei Hei. I think he may be my new favorite Disney Character (other than all things Star Wars). That chicken is so weird and it really does well as the plucky …

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Dec 09 2016

Disney Printable Christmas Tree Ornaments

There is no shortage of printable Christmas ornaments out on the net. Simply conduct a search on your favorite search engine and you will be bombarded by ornaments from geeky to unique. It is actually fun to see them all however, the search can be a little overwhelming if you are looking for something specific, …

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Dec 06 2016

Free Printable December Disney Calendar

Do you happen to know when is National Brownie Day? Or how about National Cupcake day? If the answer is no, I would grab the Free Printable Disney December Calendar and mark the dates. It is the month of sweets after all. Besides, It provides a great excuse to pull out the Cocoa and have …

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Dec 05 2016

Free Lego Syndrom Printable Coloring Page

The Disney movie The Incredibles features a superhero who’s life is turned upside down when a rescue goes horribly wrong and a young boy named buddy gets in his way. But Buddy was no ordinary kid. This kid had dreams of being a Super Hero and following in Mr. Incredibles footsteps. The problem was, Buddy …

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Nov 30 2016

Free Princess Palace Pets Coloring Page of Sandy Pearl

Ariel has a new Palace Pet with style! Not only is she an adorable Seal Pup, but she is also fetching in her purple jewelry! Sandy Pearl (love that name) is an aquamarine seal pup with blue eyes. She wears a fetching seaweed headband and tail ornament. She also proudly displays her purple shell necklace …

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Oct 29 2016

Free Printable Halloween Coloring Page feat. Pumpkin

Disney Princess Palace Pet Pumpkin is ready for Halloween with her pumpkin dress, hat and shoes! Starting a stylish trend is no easy task but Pumpkin is up for the Halloween challenge. After all, a Halloween party isn’t a party without the perfect attire, and Pumpkin’s vine decorated pumpkin style is surely to be a …

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Oct 12 2016

Free Halloween Star Wars Printable Pumpkin Templates

Is the Force with you this Halloween? Have you decorated with Star Wars in mind and made your costume to feature Rey, Finn, or maybe a First Order Stormtrooper? If so, I can’t stress enough that the theme should continue straight into the night with some Geeky Star Wars Pumpkins. It just sets the mood, …

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Oct 10 2016

Printable Halloween Coloring Page of Ms. Featherbon from Whisker Haven

I was going through the images featured on the Whisker Haven Facebook page, when I came across an adorable Halloween image of Ms. Featherbon in a pumpkin costume with a purple witch’s hat. Inspiration hit, and I had to change her into a coloring page. Ms. Featherbon is a hummingbird fairy, who is the magical …

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Oct 07 2016

Free Finding Dory Septopus Day Printable Activities

Hank, Dory’s seven-armed sidekick from “Finding Dory,” wins the day! On Oct. 8, cephalopod supporters around the globe will celebrate World Octopus Day, a day that recognizes the earth’s eight-armed sea creatures. But today, Friday, Oct. 7, Disney•Pixar is celebrating a new holiday — World Septopus Day – in honor of Hank, Dory’s curmudgeonly seven-armed …

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Oct 03 2016

Mr Chow Halloween Coloring Page from Palace Pets

While Mr. Chow loves to fill up on kibble, he also love the occasional treat, especially around Halloween. His appetite for the holiday reflect with all the goodies he shares in his shop. OK, so we may have not seen his shop decorated in all the best Halloween treats, we know for a fact a …

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